Belén Esteban launches a resounding ‘dart’ at Jesulín de Ubrique from Miami in the new Netflix ‘Save Me’

The relationship of bethlehem esteban and Jesulin de Ubrique It hasn’t exactly been fluid in recent years, and every time she’s had the chance, the ‘Sálvame’ collaborator has launched taunts, hints and ‘zascas’ to your ex. One of the last times she brought up the veto on ‘Save me’ that she supposedly imposed to record ‘My house is yours’, and also recently in relation to the daughter they have in common. Now Belén is in a beautiful professional moment despite the cancellation of ‘Sálvame’, and it is that the format has started the recordings of her in Miami hand in hand with Netflix… but not even there has he escaped having to talk about his daughter’s father.

Belén has already been crowned the queen of the new Sálvame with her great moments in the program ‘Sit whoever can’, but his fame and that of the bullfighter has crossed borders, and there they also know about their bad relationship. So while they were talking about Shakira’s revenge on Piqué through her songsand after Bethlehem affirmed “I am totally with Shakira”one of the collaborators could not avoid throwing a ‘hook’ at Belén referring to her ex: “I would have liked you to have written a song for Jesulín”pointed out Lucho Borrego.

Belén’s face, as can be seen in the video above, changed when she heard the name of her ex, and the dart has been heard in Spain from Miami: “I would have made a whole album for that one, instead of a song”sentenced.

The show ‘Sit who can’ welcomed the ‘Save Me’ team with open armswhich will be touring some shows in the United States while Netflix follows them on their American tour. The collaborators hallucinated with their answers, their naturalness and the annoyances they have between them, and they even ended up perreando at one point of the broadcast. Without a doubt, ‘Save me’ is already a worldwide phenomenon, and its union with Netflix has been a success.

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