The government of the Volgograd region sued Elena Isinbayeva because of parking debts

Of course, this is always the case. As in the most familiar joke.

Brief history of the USSR

As soon as Lenin died, it turned out that the second person in the party, Comrade Trotsky, was a traitor. Kamenev. Zinoviev, Bukharin and Stalin overthrew Trotsky and expelled him from the USSR.

But after a couple of years it turned out that Kamenev, Zinoviev and Bukharin were also enemies and pests. Then the valiant comrade Heinrich Yagoda shot them.

A little later, Yagoda, as an enemy agent, was shot by Yezhov.

But after a couple of years it turned out that Yezhov was not a comrade, but an ordinary traitor and enemy agent. And Yezhov shot Beria.

After Stalin’s death, everyone realized that Beria was also a traitor. Then Zhukov overthrew and shot Beria.

But Khrushchev soon learned that Zhukov was an enemy and a conspirator. And exiled Zhukov to the Urals.

And a little later it was revealed that Stalin, too. was an enemy, a pest and a traitor. And with him, and most of the Politburo. Then Stalin was taken out of the mausoleum, and the Politburo and Shepilov, who joined them, were dispersed by honest party members, led by Khrushchev.

Several years passed and it turned out that Khrushchev was a voluntarist, a rogue, an adventurer and an enemy. Then Brezhnev sent Khrushchev to retire.

Soon Brezhnev died, and it turned out that he was a senile, pest and cause of stagnation.

Then there were two more senile, which no one had time to remember, because they died like flies.

But then the young, energetic Gorbachev came to power. And it turned out that the whole party was a party of wreckers and enemies, but he will fix everything now

It was then that the USSR collapsed. But Gorbachev turned out to be an enemy and a traitor. (With)