Adara Molinero and Bosco, on a romantic getaway to Barcelona with Jonan Wiergo and Alma Bollo

Adara Molinero and Bosco are enjoying their love to the fullest. The relationship that began as a surprise for everyone in the final stretch of Survivors has taken a leap after becoming official with Bosco’s big question and Adara’s ‘yes’. Thus, the couple has taken their romantic relationship to different parts of Spain with romantic getaways in which they have been accompanied by the one who was their matchmaker in the contest, Jonan Wiergo and her boyfriend. The influencer, third finalist in Survivientes 2023, shared their first getaway as a couple with them and now he has once again shared his trip to Barcelona with his friends, where They have also coincided with Alma Bollo, a great friend of Adara and Jonan in Honduras. A romantic getaway that the reality show finalist is sharing through her social networks, involving everyone in her most complicit moments as a couple.


Through the stories, Adara has shared the views of her hotel room and how Bosco was amazed looking out the window as soon as she arrived while she did the room tour showing the bathroom, the hall and the room Where will they spend the weekend? But not only that, but he has shared with his followers how, razor in hand, he has groomed his boy for the first night out in Barcelona with his friends in which the photo in the bathroom mirror could not be missing.

Very together and lovey-dovey, These images show that the couple is living a very sweet moment and that they are enjoying the relationship to the fullest. Let’s hope that on this occasion the contest has united them for a long time as it did with Fabio and Violeta who are already expecting their second baby and it will not happen to them like other couples born on the island of Honduras such as their companions Manuel Cortes and Katerina, or Anabel Pantoja and Yulen.


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