A stroke, the cause of the unexpected death of Marta Chavarri at the age of 62

Marta Chávarri, one of the most popular faces of the 80s and 90s, He died this morning at his home in Madrid, located in the Barrio de Salamanca. It was her assistant who found her dead early this morning. A totally unexpected death for which the causes of her death are being investigated. Although, according to Paloma Barrientos in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ The cause of death of Marta Chavarri at the age of 62 could be due to a stroke.

“We don’t know if she had a heart problem, if she had any disease… something must have happened to her alone at home and the person who works found her,” Ana Rosa Quintana explained early this morning when she recounted the death of the former wife of the Marquis de Cubas.

“Since she had had depression in recent years, There was no certain information about the cause of his death. they tell me that died of a cerebral infarction Marta Chávarri has had severe headaches for a few days,” explains Paloma Barrientos, still shocked by the death of her friend.

His mother also died of a heart attack.

“The funny thing is that his mother also died very young from this disease or situation“, highlights Paloma Barrientos, so it could be something decisive when it comes to clarifying the reason for his death.

Regarding the next steps, he comments: “They are going to transfer her to the forensic anatomical, I do not know if her son Álvaro Falcó will decide to transfer her to a funeral home and that we can say goodbye to her.” To finish, Paloma Barrientos says: “The good thing about her last moments is that she was very happy about the birth of her granddaughter.“.


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