has overcome her triple negative breast cancer

Aylén Milla, who was a contestant on ‘Big Brother VIP’, has celebrated some happy news: she has been cured of triple negative breast cancer that she had suffered for eight months after her operation. A great celebration that she has made with a video in which she has been shown without a wig or scarf for the first time since she underwent chemotherapy to fight cancer. A publication in which Marco Ferri’s ex-girlfriend writes a letter addressed directly to the disease. “OMG, confirmed! The cancer is gone from my body and I am grateful. Blessing to be reborn”the influencer has started.

The Argentine has celebrated in this publication, the most anticipated for her legion of followers, in which she has shared a deeper “conversation” with the disease itself, through a letter on Instagram. “You came into my life when I least expected you, 32 years old and you knocked on the door of my temple (my body). You told me: hello, I come to teach you many things that you are not understanding for good. I received you, I cried for you, I hated you, then I hugged you and asked you what do you want to show me?” she wrote.

In the letter, the influencer confessed that she had asked all forces to “please guide me to the right path”, which revealed that it was “painful” which made her “rethink her whole life”. “I hugged myself very tight and said to myself, look bald and you are all beautiful, because you are brave, strong with two ovaries! You alone will be able to heal, with enthusiasm I did everything in my power, and I took each sign as an opportunity to heal,” continued the Argentine.

In this sense, Aylén recalled: “I asked you to remove everything toxic from my life, and you made it so clear to me that you made it simple and evident in the eyes of anyone. Thank you for this teaching, but here I bury you, fire you and never come back!”

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