Álvaro Falcó’s first words after the death of his mother, Marta Chávarri: “We are devastated”

The death of Marta Chávarri, one of the most stylish faces of the 80s and 90s, He has left all his loved ones devastated. His death, which has been totally sudden, has taken everyone by surprise and has completely shaken the life of his family. Although the exact reasons for her death are not yet known, the journalist Paloma Barrientos assured that it could be due to a cerebral infarction, the same reason for the death of her parent at an age similar to that of Marta.

a devastated family

His only son, Álvaro Falcó, attended the media that was waiting for him at the exit of his house before heading to the funeral home where his mother will be veiled. Álvaro would leave in the car with his wife, Isabelle Junot, and would stop for a second to thank them for their condolences. The couple have just become mother to a baby girl Philippa, who was a joy to her late grandmother and one of the reasons for her beautiful smile.

“We are very bad, destroyed,” said Tamara Falcó’s cousin and added that he could not wait for something like this to happen, it has caught them by “surprise.” A few words that come to reaffirm that the death of Marta Chávarri at the age of 63 has been totally unexpected.

“Thank you for being here, but we have to go,” he apologized before setting off.

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