“It’s a trip we always wanted to do”

Even stopovers take advantage of vacations, and on many occasions these can be even more profitable than the destination that we had chosen. This has precisely happened to Gloria Camila. The daughter of José Ortega Cano, who is still recovering from her anxiety disorder, is enjoying a vacation these days with her boyfriend David, a dream getaway that she herself has shared on social networks where she has taken the opportunity to confess that this year one of the stopovers on their flight to their destination has made their dream come true.

It is a trip that we always wanted to do and finally, in the 7 hours that we had to wait, we were able to get to know it more or less.yes“, the influencer has revealed in her profile and that is, on the way to China they have had to stop in Amsterdam, a city that the couple had on their list of things to do and now they have been able to cross off, at least partially.

With a smile from ear to ear and a totally informal look to be comfortable on the plane, the couple have enjoyed the capital of the Netherlands as much as their scale has allowed them, which, judging by their photo album, has been a lot. And it is that in seven hours they have even had time to try the local cuisine.

But this was just a stop on the way to the trip they had really planned: China. “China is incredible and its people are wonderful,” said Rocío Carrasco’s sister on this trip in which she has enjoyed a great time with her partner, fulfilling all the tourist points that must be seen in the country’s capital. Just a few hours after arriving and resting to adjust the jet lag, the influencer She proudly and happily showed her room and her first steps in Beijing, and the local gastronomy! “Wasps and worms, would you eat it?”, she asked her followers showing a dish that we don’t know if she was able to eat.

From what is seen, Gloria Camila is being very happy with her boyfriend in this vacation retreat which will surely help in her recovery work, and will further strengthen her relationship with her boy, who is being an unconditional and essential support for her at this time.

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