Tamara Falcó will not be at the funeral of Marta Chávarri

The sad news of the death of Marta Chávarri will not finally affect the plans or the honeymoon trip of Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva. This has been confirmed by his cousin Álvaro Falcó. The Marquis de Cubas has ruled out that his cousin travels from Africa to Madrid since it is physically impossible for her to arrive on time for his mother’s funeral. “The poor thing wanted to come at all costs, but I think that in the end it will be impossible. He has caught him on a honeymoon trip and we understand it perfectly”, he has indicated about the presence of Tamara Falcó at the funeral of Marta Chávarri in his first words after the death of his mother.

Although everyone knew the destination chosen by the couple, it was only a few hours ago when the Marquise de Griñón would have the album of her romantic trip to South Africa with her husband. “The beginning of a journey as sweet as honey and as beautiful as the moon”, Isabel Preysler’s daughter wrote on her Instagram account along with several photographs in Cape Town. The newlyweds plan to spend several weeks traveling the world and enjoying their first days as ‘husband and wife’ and although it was her wish to tuck her cousin in, finally the Marquise de Griñón will continue with her honeymoon with Íñigo Onieva.

A very special relationship with his cousin

Tamara Falcó has a close relationship with her cousin Álvaro, which was born as a result of the marriage of the Marquis of Cubas, Fernando Falcó and Marta Chávarri. They were one of the fashionable couples. However, some photographs published by DIEZ MINUTOS on February 11, 1988 by Marta Chávarri with the businessman Alberto Cortina, who was then married to Alicia Koplowitz, dynamited their marriage.

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