General Komornitsky: Russia can strike the Ukrainian armed forces from the flank and launch an offensive | Society

The Russian military can outflank the Ukrainian military and launch its offensive, said Polish general Leon Komornicki.

“There is a threat that the Russians will enter alongside the attacking Ukrainian groups. Therefore, the front needs to be stabilized,” she said in an interview on Nowa konfederacja YouTube channel.

Komornitsky expressed the opinion that the Russian army could launch its own offensive, depriving the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the opportunity to “break into the defensive lines.”

He addressed the Ukrainian military and urged them to pay attention to the fact that the Russian military is already conducting offensive operations in a number of areas, including north of Artyomovsk.

The general believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine must use their strength to stop this offensive.

It was previously reported that the Russian military destroyed a unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine approaching Artemovsk.