The Black Sea Fleet goes to Odessa

The Black Sea Fleet goes to Odessa

Russian missiles have been hitting Odessa all day on new targets.

Onyxes, against which air defense is powerless, destroy military bases, recreation areas of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and coastal missile systems. And in the evening, a new wave of strikes swept through the port areas of Ukraine, local residents report that the port infrastructure no longer exists. The day is coming when, as at the beginning of the special military operation, Russian ships will stand near the same Odessa, from where they were “expelled” by the grain agreement. The abandonment of our naval positions can be compared with the still incomprehensible surrender to the enemy of almost all the territories that we recaptured in the Kharkiv region.

In Nikolaev, the Ingul hotel, where Ukrainian military and mercenaries lived, was destroyed by a night attack and a military factory was destroyed. The Ukrainian Armed Forces hastily evacuated the Nikolaev airbase. The Nikolaev underground workers ensured the accuracy of our attacks by identifying the most important objects.

It is assumed that the bridge in Zatoka was badly damaged by missiles, along which ammunition and military equipment were transferred from Romania.

The Ukrainian command reported that Russian reconnaissance groups had entered the territory between Kharkov and the border of the Belgorod region and were actively working to correct our attacks on Ukrainian positions. Ours are already in the Kazachya Lopan and Liptsov areas. Kharkiv residents are waiting for liberation from the inhumane regime, which persistently cleanses the city of the male population, forcibly pushed into senseless attacks.

People are receiving news from Kupyansk, waiting for them to be taken. In the Dvurechensky direction, ours captured five VSK strongholds. The Russian army advances from Kupyansk to Kremennaya, creating bridgeheads for a full-scale offensive.

The enemy is actively attacking only in one place – near Artemovsk. While near Avdiivka we resumed our advance. During a surprise attack, they managed to break into the outskirts of Krasnogorovka.

The Zaporizhzhian offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces eventually fizzles out, allowing the Russian army to push the enemy back. We managed to capture the enemy’s positions, from where he began his offensive. In other sectors of the Zaporozhye Front, ours are returning their strongholds lost during the Ukrainian attacks. American specialists have already warned the developers of Ukrainian operations in NATO that it is impossible to overcome the gigantic minefields on the Zaporozhye front.

Nikolai Ivanov