In Berlin they were looking for a lioness who turned out to be a wild boar –

In Berlin, looking for a lioness that turned out to be a wild boar

The mayor of the Kleinmachnov community, Michael Gruber, said the lioness, who was searched for a couple of days in Berlin, turned out to be a wild boar.

The animal was seen in Kleinmachnow, near Berlin, on the night of July 19-20. As at first it was thought that it was a lioness, for security reasons neighbors were urged not to leave their homes.

A day later, the burgomaster stated that, according to two independent experts, “this is not a lioness or a wild animal, but there are signs that the animal in the photo looks like a wild boar… There are no serious signs that it is any other animal.”

He stressed that law enforcement officials still remain vigilant. And the actions taken earlier turned out to be correct. As Gruber explained, when he saw the animal, “he was amazed at how light the boar was. It was light grey. I have seen several wild boars before. It justified our actions.”

Vera Sergeeva.