In Crimea, Kyiv’s threat to organize a naval blockade of the peninsula was called a bluff | In the world | Politics

Kiev is bluffing, threatening a naval blockade of Crimea, the head of the Crimean parliament Vladimir Konstantinov told RIA Novosti in connection with the ban on shipping in the northeastern part of the Black Sea and the Kerch-Yenikalsky Strait announced by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The ministry also warned that from July 21 ships sailing along the Black Sea to Russian ports will be considered as carrying military cargo.

Konstantinov, commenting on the situation, noted that Kiev has no opportunity to implement the blockade of Crimea.

“They don’t have a navy, an air force, or even a proper base for that. Therefore, their statements about the naval blockade are pure bluff,” the politician said.

Konstantinov considered the statements of the Ukrainian authorities “mocking”, comparing the actions of the Kiev regime with the behavior of monkeys.

“Kyivan puppets in this case act like monkeys, which sometimes begin to imitate people. But no matter how much the monkey grimaces, he will not become a man, ”the MP stressed.

We recall that on Wednesday the Russian Defense Ministry declared a number of areas of the Black Sea temporarily dangerous for navigation and also warned that from July 20 ships bound for Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea will be considered potential carriers of military cargo.