Nerea Rodríguez (Operación Triunfo) confesses her personal secrets to us

Going into ‘Operación Triunfo’ changed his life at just over 18 years of age and he also immediately entered the play ‘La llamada’. nerea rodriguez She has grown as a person as well as as a singer and actress and she feels very satisfied with everything she has experienced. He tells us some of his personal and professional secrets in the video above.

Nerea feels like an actress and a singer in equal parts and assures that she does not regret anything about her time on ‘Operación Triunfo’ because it has been an apprenticeship, among other professional confessions. She now also has a character in mind for a chapter of the Javis series ‘Dressed in Blue’. And in September his new single will be released.

If he did not dedicate himself to music, he has confessed that he is tempted by the production or representation of artists and also the organization of events and weddings is another of his secrets.

As for her personal confessions, she confesses to being messy. He assures that he would like to change it but it costs him a lot. And, yes, among her virtues is giving the best of herself both in love, as in friendship, in the family…

Nerea has been with her boyfriend for three years, although he is currently residing in Los Angeles. They try to keep the distance as they can and are sure that “the key is being able to say I miss you”. She assures that she wanted to find love and she has it and that makes her happy. Among other fulfilled dreams is buying a house and having a dog and she has achieved it.

It is clear that Nerea is a professional and a woman with very clear ideas. If she starts dreaming, she would like to go on a solo tour and continue to focus on her work and her personal life.

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