Alexander Shlemenko spoke about the scandal with Elena Isinbayeva

Alexander Shlemenko spoke about the scandal with Elena Isinbayeva.

“They want to rename the stadium in honor of Isinbayeva? Yes, I heard about it. Agree.

Why? This is our big problem. I don’t understand why we create idols for ourselves. That is, our government loves to create idols. I’m not talking about Elena Isinbayeva now. This is her life, she has to figure it out, but if a person does not even live in Russia, if a person does nothing for Russia, and even worse, when a person speaks out against the actions of his country in a difficult period, then why should we praise him?

We actually have a big problem with athletes. We take people, exalt them for their sporting results, but then we are disappointed when they speak for life concepts, or how to move through life. But if you are a five- or six-time world champion, an Olympic champion, good in this sport, this does not mean that you are good in all sports. And they take us by the ears and pull.

Basically, this is how Olympians are pulled. I came from a non-Olympic species. There was no state support, I was not pulled. Agree that those who do not sit on state security love their country more. They do not leave it, although there are opportunities, they are trying to do something, they are working with young people.

And it happens in our country that they themselves raised a person, they themselves built a complex for him, and they themselves named the complex after him. And then he spored the joint, and now let’s clean it up …

No, I do not mind, but here you need to specifically go deeper. For many years we have been told that everything foreign is better. And here we are, it turns out, we live in shit, we eat shit, we wear shit, and we ourselves are shit. But this is not an approach, ”said ex-Bellator champion Alexander Shlemenko.

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