Mar Flores proclaims “Felicita” with Anne Igartiburu in Your face sounds to me after the conviction of her son

Mar Flores has reappeared on television. The model has not lived the best month of her life after having known the sentence sentencing his son, Carlo Constanziaof 21 months in prison for a crime of aggravated fraud. After the actor’s first words about his conviction and his supporting the innocence of the 30-year-old, we have been able to see the model again on television in the final of Tu cara me suena 10, where Miriam Rodríguez won the editing crown. A program, yes, that had been recorded for a few months, so Mar Flores could not know the context in which it could be broadcast.

The model dared to get on the stage of the musical imitation program to do a duet with her friend Anne Igartiburu, whom he stressed that he had known for decades with a very close friendship.

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Willing to have fun, in line with the spirit of the program, Mar Flores put herself in the shoes of Romina and Anne from Al Bano to sing together the hit of the duet, Felicitá, in the Italian original. A whole declaration of intent that now takes on a different meaning taking into account the context in which the model is located. A performance that has been the icing on the cake of Anne Igartiburu’s passage through the program.

It is not the first time that Mar Flores demonstrates her musical skills and it is that, although it was a challenge for her since she had never started singing before, proved to have a good foundation in the last edition of mask singer, hidden under the Flamenco. Now, two years later, she has sung again on stage, although without the protection of a costume, which has caused her to notice the nerves in her voice at times, something that has not tarnished her performance.


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