Begoña Gómez and Queen Letizia have something in common: their toned arms

It seems that Queen Letizia is not the only one who follows a strict routine of exercises and healthy food. The one who, to this day, holds the position of first lady as well. LPedro Sánchez’s wife wrapped up her husband yesterday at the closing of the campaign and although there are few occasions in which we can see her in public events, this July 21 there was something that We especially caught our eye and are her toned arms. Arms that have nothing to envy those of Queen Letizia.

In this campaign closing act Begoña Gómez’s shapely and firm arms have attracted a lot of attention. Before his arrival in Moncloa it was known that Pedro Sánchez’s wife was a fan of Pilates and fitness, two exercises that it seems that he has continued practicing in the official residence. Two disciplines that also combine with cyclingsince Pedro Sánchez recognized in a recent interview that he and his wife disconnected by riding their bikes together.

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we don’t know exactly What is the exercise routine of the wife of the current Prime Ministerbut it is clear that you have to include strength exercises with weights to have those firm arms, in which they are marked with the biceps and triceps.

Pilates, yoga and climbing

Queen Letizia’s arms have grabbed headlines for years. And it is that, there are many who envy the toned body of the Queen. Although it is true that she is a very disciplined woman both in food and in sports, we do know about her that sheI love yoga and pilatestwo disciplines that keep you very fit.

But also the queen Letizia is a great fan of scald and has even requested the installation of a climbing wall in Zarzuela. A healthy lifestyle that contributes to maintaining a slim and strong figure.

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