“Thank you for still loving him so much”

Lola Flores continues to be one of the great voices and divas of this country so in this 2023, centenary of his birth, his name has been on everyone’s lips. Various concerts, documentary series and the inauguration of her museum have been just some of the tributes that the singer has received this year, a sign of the affection that the artist still has today, which the family feels at all times.

Her daughters, Lolita and Rosario, who is enjoying her vacation, have proud the flag of what Lola Flores meant for the song in Spain and, aware of the affection that is felt for the artist, they have thanked on many occasions all the gestures and exhibitions that are made in her honor, especially this year. The last one was at the final gala of Tu cara me suena 10, where Lolita took the opportunity to thank all the gestures that have been made for the centenary of her mother.

Lolita had no problem stopping the development of the gala for a few seconds, where Mar Flores performed by surprise, to thank her for the affection shown towards her mother. “I want to get serious and say something. You know that today, well today, this year, is the centenary of the great Lola Flores. I wanted to thank all the media, the press, for all the tributes and the things you are doing in memory of Lola Flores. Thank you for continuing to have so much affection for my mother to this day,” the singer thanked. “Long live Lola Flores!” Merche started from the contestants’ sofa to which the audience broke into an emotional ovation. And it is that to this day, her legacy lives on, inspiring multiple artists, such as María Peláe.


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