Cristina Pedroche is honest about the pain of breastfeeding her baby

Despite all the expectations, the information and training I had done on the breastfeeding, Cristina Pedroche has found her face to face. The presenter has opened up about the problems you are having in the first days as a mother. And it is that, despite what everyone may think, believe or dream, many times breastfeeding becomes a big challenge.

The presenter wanted to share with all her followers the ‘uphill’ that these first days of breastfeeding her daughter Laia have been made. “I’m starting to write this now that I see the light at the end of the tunnel, because before I couldn’t,” Cristina begins writing, making it clear that it has been very hard.

“Lactation. How pretty you sounded to me when I was pregnant, how “easy” it seemed having read, studied and consulted so many books and manuals, I even had a session with @albapadibclc to clarify doubts before Laia was born”, she continues explaining how idealized she was.

She then explains that despite believing that everything was being perfect because her daughter latched on to the breast, she did not do it correctly. Something that if a baby does not have a good suction can cause painful injuries to the mother or pain in each feeding: “It seemed that he had it under control but no. C.When he was born he latched on perfectly but of course I didn’t pay much attention to the gripI was only interested in her suckling and I didn’t care how, I didn’t think that the pain I was feeling could give me problems and immediately two cracks appeared, one on each breast. I faced each take with fear, pain, tears, doubts about whether I could handle it, whether to throw in the towel…😪 “

Then count between poor grip and revolutionized postpartum hormones, everything was becoming very complicated: “Between the postpartum emotions and the breast pain, it took me a long time to understand myself and be sure that I was doing well, that I was on the right track, that everything I felt was normal.” And he shows us photographs with cabbage leaves on her breasts, which serve to relieve pain.

However, later thanks to the help of professionals everything ended up improving. Finally, it ends with a reflection on the value of breastfeeding and how brave are the women who face it: “The work you do for women and breastfeeding is worthy of recognition. Truly, THANK YOU ❤️”.


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