Kiko Hernández, Belén Esteban… the collaborators of Sálvame enjoy their adventures for Netflix

Has already started. After saying goodbye to Spain with a moment at the Madrid airport, the collaborators of ‘Sálvame’ have already landed in Miami where they have begun their tour of the Americas. Terelu Campos, Kiko Matamoros, Kiko Hernández, Víctor Sandoval and Belén Esteban They have already made their first stop collaborating on the Univision program ‘Sit whoever can’, a novel format in which collaborators risk their seats each program having to bring exclusive information. On this occasion, the collaborators of ‘Sálvame’ attended as social gatherings to talk about the information that the collaboratorsamong them the Spanish Álex Rodríguez, brought to the set, as Shakira’s new award.

Although the first day Belén Esteban eclipsed her colleagues, the next day it was María Patiño who went to the set as a judge of the information that the collaborators presented. An experience that everyone wanted to share and thank on their social networks.


The Catalan collaborator Mireia Carrillo has shared several photographs with the collaborators of ‘Sálvame’ and she was very proud to share the set with María Patiño: “I have always said that the world is a handkerchief and this is an example,” said the presenter. And it is that Carrillo made videos with all of them, especially with Kiko Hernández with whom he was reunited after 13 years: “I can’t believe that I have Kiko Hernández, who has supported me, defended me, fought…both when I was in Spain and when I was in Miami.”

In addition, Belén Esteban took advantage of her social networks to send a message to Chiquis Rivera, declaring herself a fan of her mother and thanking her “for having achieved what your mother wanted” by uniting the family. “I only have one wish Chiquis: I want to meet you. I have come to Miami”, assured Belén, throwing the gauntlet at the singer who was traveling to Cuba at that time.

On the other hand, Kiko Matamoros is being one of the most active collaborators in networks, sharing absolutely everything that comes out about the program and all the clips in which he is tagged. In between so much content, the collaborator has taken the opportunity to also publish a photo with his wife, Marta López Álamo, who has accompanied Kiko on this adventure. This is how they have taken advantage of the idle moments of the recording to have a romantic dinner in Midtown, the central neighborhood of Miami, or spend some time on the beaches of Miami Beach.


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