“They are on a romantic trip to Sicily”

Mario Vargas Llosa and Patricia Llosa seem to be excited again. After the great scare that the Nobel received just at the beginning of the month that caused him to be admitted to the hospital for COVID for several days, the writer, as soon as he was discharged, decided to take a few days off and has done so with his ex-wife in Sicily. A trip in which his children could have also gone, according to the Vanitatis portal.

Everything seems to indicate that the romance between the man of letters and Isabel Preysler has only been a parenthesis in the relationship of the ex-married couple and that is that, according to Nacho Gay, he has recounted in ‘Y ahora Sonsoles’, the reconciliation between the two is already a fact: “It has already been confirmed that they have returned.” And it is that, despite the presence of one of his children, the trip has a totally romantic and reconquest character.


After this parenthesis, according to the journalist, the writer is treating his ex-wife affectionately with the aim of reconquering her heart. In fact, Vanitatis assures that “Llosa is like never before with Patricia”and that is what the source of the portal highlights as “the important thing” since, at 83 years old, the writer would have decided that his place is once again with the mother of his children, something that she would have accepted proudly.

The truth is that after the great cloud of speculation that arose after the break was made public at Christmas, Mario Vargas Llosa took refuge in his children and his ex-wife, with whom he has been since February, month in which one of their children confirms that the relationship between their parents would be a couple again. Reconciliation that today would be total.


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