María Chavarri, very affected, remembers her sister, Marta Chavarri, with some sweet words

The death of Marta Chávarri has shocked all her loved ones. Her sudden death caught everyone by surprise as there was no sign of evidence that she could have an accident of this type.. In the words of his son, Álvaro Falcó was in a magnificent stage of his life, mentally and physically well. However, a stroke would have taken the life of this style icon of the 80s and 90s at the age of 62.

This Saturday the last goodbye was said to him at the La Paz funeral home in Madrid where dozens of familiar faces have gathered, devastated by the unexpectedness of the news. At the gates of the funeral home, many of those who came to say their last goodbyes kindly stopped with the press, among which were María Chávarri, sister of the deceased Marta.


Visibly affected by the death of her sister, the woman was kind enough to stand with the reporters and make a statement into their microphones. So she had some sweet words for her sister whom defined as “the best”, “unique”, and not only on the public scene, where Marta Chávarri was the only one who could rival Isabel Preysler in style, but also in private, where she had a close relationship with her family, in whom she took refuge in recent years, maintaining a most discreet life.

Like Álvaro Falcó, he arrived wrapped up by his wife, Isabelle Junot; María did so wrapped up by her son, who also came to say a last goodbye to her aunt, visibly affected. Who did not attend was Tamara Falcó. Álvaro wanted to explain to the media the reason why his cousin was not present at his mother’s funeral. “The poor thing she wanted to come at all costs, but I think that in the end it will be impossible. She has caught him on a honeymoon and we understand it perfectly,” he indicated.


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