Elena Kulichenko spoke about what she can’t get used to in the USA

Elena Kulichenko spoke about what she cannot get used to in the USA.

Kulichenko performs in the high jump for the Cyprus national team, and lives in the United States. Until 2021, the athlete represented Russia.

– Have you fully adapted to the States?

– I think I will never fully adapt: ​​after all, a different culture, a different mentality. But I feel comfortable: there is my home, friends, coaches, team – this is already a routine. I can’t get used to the food – terrible, plastic (laughs). You want to eat normal homemade food, and there are burgers, fried chicken and some Mexican food – something like that.

I lived in a hostel: there was no kitchen, so I didn’t cook for myself. More or less was in a special canteen for athletes. But this year I’m moving to an apartment: I’ll cook for myself, because it’s no longer possible.

In general everything is good. Some things I will never understand though.

– For example?

– Too much tolerance. No hate, but now they have a Progressive Society line. This is from the category: men are allowed into women’s sports – he feels like a woman, and if you do not accept this, then you are transphobic. Well, this is complete nonsense! Or when children in kindergarten are told: “Today you can choose whether you are a boy or a girl.” These are the things I will never understand.

I repeat: no hate, I’m just far from it.

– Have you already met such athletes?

– Thank God no. There have already been cases in the NCAA where they were allowed to participate. But the International Athletics Federation seems to have accepted that this will not happen in our sport,” Kulichenko said.