“Bertín Osborne told me that he had a vasectomy done when I told him that I was pregnant”

The future paternity of Bertín Osborne, at 69, together with the Paraguayan Gabriela Guillén -who is no longer his partner- has become the most talked about topic of the moment. A new paternity that has brought to light the possibility thatThe singer could have been the father of another child.

Taking advantage of the media pull that this “scandalous” paternity of the presenter was having. Chabeli Navarro wanted to shout out to the world that she was also going to be a mother with Bertín. However, it was he who frustrated her maternity plans, because allegedly “convinced” her to have an abortion.

Now, after the commotion caused by these statements in the magazine Lecturas, Chabeli Navarro has sat down on the set of ‘Fiesta’ to give his version of what happened.

The Sevillian began by explaining that they met at one of the famous barbecues that Bertín organizes at his house and that after this first meeting they exchanged telephone numbers.

They began dating and had a five-month relationship that came to an end when Bertín Osborne found out that Chabeli Navarro was pregnant. “When I called him to tell him the news of my pregnancy, he told me that it was impossible because I had a vasectomy done.”.

After that, she said that she had to show him the tests of the days when she ovulated and that they had been the days when she was fertile and that it was just the day they had seen each other.

Chabeli Navarro has once again stressed that she has proof of her relationship with Bertín and that he convinced her, he did not force her to have an abortion. “He didn’t force me, but he did convince me to do it. I have the last decision“.

On the reason why he has decided to break his silence now, Chabeli is clear. “Two years ago she was devastated. I felt manipulated and that’s why now that I’m strong she breaks the silence.”

On the other hand, Bertín Osborne could be the person who would have paid the expenses of the clinic. “I did not pay anything for the abortion. At that time we had a good relationship and he recommended a clinic to me. It was the driver who took me to the clinic. They do not ask me for the data because Bertín gave them.”

Bertín Osborne’s statement to defend himself against the accusations of Chabeli Navarro

In a statement signed by the legal team that defends Osborne MA Abogados, the singer makes it clear that he will take legal action against her after the “false accusations made by Chabeli Navarro” and also defends Gabriela Guillén: “in line with the news of a recent pregnancy, that someone wants to take advantage for their own benefit“.

“Our client, Mr. Norberto Ortíz Osborne, has entrusted this professional firm with the initiation of the appropriate legal actions to restore the truth in relation to the false statements made by Doña Isabel María Navarro Márquez and published today by a magazine of wide circulation.

in itIn the corresponding judicial actions we will provide the documentary evidence that is in our possession and that proves the lies and false accusations made by Doña María Isabel Navarro Márquez and we request the reparation of the serious prejudices that these affirmations are causing to Mr. Norberto Bertín Osborne”.

Mr. Norberto Ortiz Osborne deeply regrets that following the news of a recent pregnancy, that someone wants to take advantage of it for their own benefit“.

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