Fer Romero leaves Cacereño

Saturday, July 22, 2023, 9:43 p.m.

First setback for Cacereño in this new season. Barely nine days after formalizing his signing, the green club announced this Saturday the withdrawal of the U-23 central defender Fer Romero, who came to Julio Cobos’s team from the Córdoba subsidiary. Questioned about the reasons, the sports management avoided giving more details about it to stick exclusively to the fact itself.

With the departure of Fer Romero, Cacereño will be forced to recalculate the planning of their squad, especially in a defensive line in which there are still holes to fill. Although in the right lane the winger Viñuela could replace Bruno Lorente as a winger at certain times of the season, in the other wing Matovu is the only pure winger so far. To this is added the replacement man who will arrive by Fer Romero himself.

Meanwhile, with special attention to fine-tuning in the physical aspect, since last Wednesday, Cacereño has been taking its first steps in a preseason in which the green squad, with yet to specify any other game in the last week of preparation, has confirmed six friendly matches. The first of them will be on August 2 in Campanario.