Walla: attacks on Christians continue in Jerusalem | Accidents

In this Jerusalem, a conference was held on “Why do some Jews spit on goyim?” due to the increase in cases of attacks on Christians and insults on clergy, according to Walla.

However, according to information received by the Jerusalem police, things don’t always end with insults. Thus, just the day before, a 19-year-old resident of Israel was arrested, who spat on Christian pilgrims and then threatened them with a knife.

The police said that it was impossible to draw an unequivocal conclusion about the guilt of the Israeli from the video recordings, and therefore he was released with some restrictions.

Earlier, two young men were arrested for attacking the Polish church, who threw stones at the church and then fled.

The Jerusalem authorities acknowledge the existence of tensions between young Orthodox Jews and Christians and promise to act. However, none of the officials attended the conference – according to informed sources, this was done so as not to irritate far-right activists.

It was previously reported that in Stockholm they were allowed to hold a demonstration with the burning of the Bible and Torah at the Israeli embassy.