PSG ready to sell Kylian Mbappe to Al-Hilal

PSG are ready to sell Kylian Mbappe to Al-Hilal.

According to Marca, the Saudi club will soon send a big offer for a striker that no one can repeat. The Parisians are ready to accept him, but they know that the 24-year-old player is not going to leave Europe so early anyway.

Premier League clubs are also interested in acquiring Mbappe. Among them are Manchester United and Tottenham, as well as Chelsea, but the Blues will have to sell several players before making an offer to PSG.

As for Italy, Milan may be the only option there, but the Rossoneri did not make any offers.

Nothing is being done by Real Madrid, which the player himself wants to go to. Madrid are going to take advantage of the fact that time plays for them, and therefore are not going to start transfer negotiations yet.

PSG will put Mbappe up for sale on August 1. Until the end of July, Kilian has the option of extending his contract for a year