Ilta-Sanomat: Finnish outlet Zsar failed without Russian tourists | Society

The absence of Russian tourists has turned the Finnish outlet village Zsar into a “ghost”. This was reported by the Ilta-Sanomat newspaper.

The publication notes that the once crowded place, located near the Vaalimaa border crossing, was completely empty after the decision of the Finnish authorities to close the borders for tourists from the Russian Federation.

“Now the silence is broken only by the cries of birds and the roar of passing cars,” the author of the article emphasized.

The opening of the outlet village in 2018 was supposed to attract mainly Russian tourists, the investment was estimated at around 40 million euros. However, in October last year, its owners filed for bankruptcy.

We recall that Finland has closed its borders to Russian tourists since September 30, 2022. The arrival of Russian citizens in the country threatens Finland’s international relations, authorities said.

Later it was reported that Finland considers it necessary to tighten the conditions for the entry of Russians into the country.