Former Swedish ice hockey player charged with rape

Former Swedish ice hockey player accused of rape.

The hockey player, whose name has not been released, was arrested in May 2021 on suspicion of assault, attempted rape and the rape itself. Now, two years later, the player is facing charges on all three counts.

According to the act of prosecution, the man allegedly grabbed the woman by the neck, punched her and raped her.

The man had previously been charged with threats and sexual harassment, but then the investigation was discontinued.

“After I demanded a review of the prosecutor’s decision to refuse to open a criminal case for certain serious crimes, despite the presence of supporting evidence, a new case was recently opened.

The new charge concerns particularly serious crimes: rape, attempted rape and assault.

The evidence is good and we look forward to hearing the case in court in the fall. But I can say that a lot of time has passed.

That the plaintiff had to go through such a long wait and get the wrong assessment of what happened at the preliminary investigation is simply beyond criticism,” wrote the plaintiff’s assistant Elizabeth Massey Fritz.

As evidence, there are several SMS conversations, which, according to the prosecutor, are evidence of a crime. Several witnesses were also heard during the investigation.

According to the assistant prosecutor, the victim hopes for compensation and that the perpetrator will be punished. The accused denies all suspicions of a crime.