US Declassifies Nixon’s Prophetic Letter to Clinton on Russia and Ukraine | In the world | Politics

The Clinton Presidential Library has published a letter sent in 1994 by former US President Richard Nixon to the head of the White House (at that time) Bill Clinton. This was stated by the message of the American television channel Fox News.

In a seven-page message, Nixon assessed the political situation in Russia at the time and suggested that relations between Moscow and Kiev would deteriorate and eventually completely collapse.

Interestingly, the letter was written by the 81-year-old politician shortly after a trip to Russia and the newly independent Ukraine. Even then, Nixon described the situation in Kiev as “explosive,” warning that if Ukraine were allowed to spiral out of control, it would not end well.

Speaking about Russia, the politician wrote that maintaining political and economic freedom will be the country’s most important problem in the coming years.

“Russians are serious people. One reason Khrushchev was sidelined in 1964 is that proud Russians were ashamed of his rude antics at the United Nations and other international forums,” Nixon wrote in his letter.

Clinton later recalled repeatedly wanting to talk to Nixon and listen to his advice, especially when it came to Russia.

Earlier it was reported about the prophetic video of Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko about the conflict in Ukraine and the fate of Europe, which he recorded in 2015.