The threshold for free transfers to oneself will increase significantly

The threshold for free transfers to yourself will increase significantly

Amendments were prepared for the second reading of the bill, approved by parliamentarians at the end of 2022, which provide for an increase in the limit of transfers to oneself without commissions up to 30 million rubles per month.

The updated version of the document states that financial institutions will not be able to limit the size or number of transactions for transferring funds from an account to an account of a Russian within 30 million rubles. This rule will not only apply to transfers that customers make personally at the branch, nor to card-to-card transfers.

The bill also introduces an obligation for banks to remind depositors free of charge that their deposits are due at least 5 days before that time. The requirement will enter into force six months after the official publication of the law, and the prohibition of charging commissions for transfers to oneself, after 9 months.

Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the State Duma committee on the financial market, confirmed that there are plans to raise the threshold for transfers to oneself to 30 million rubles a month. The vice president of the Association of Russian Banks, Anatoly Kozlachkov, also noted that the bill removed the ban on setting deposit rates depending on the source of funds.

According to the current law, residents of the Russian Federation can transfer up to 100 thousand rubles per month without commission through the fast payment system (FPS). If this amount is exceeded, you need to pay no more than 0.5% of the transfer (maximum – 1.5 thousand rubles). The banks themselves set the fee for other interbank transactions, and for some organizations it reaches 1.5% of the transfer amount.

Vera Sergeeva.

Photo: adobestock