“It hasn’t been easy saying goodbye to you”

Miguel Ángel Muñoz is going through one of the hardest moments of his life and that is that this Saturday, July 22, He has ended up saying his last goodbye to his grandmother, whom he has made known in recent years as ‘La Tata’, the woman with whom he lived in his 40s. His affection was so special that he did not hesitate to share a multitude of anecdotes that happened to them in confinement on social networks and capture it in a short film under the title ‘100 days with Tata’ that even had exposure in America. An exhibition that made the actor’s grandmother win the love of all her followers thanks to how endearing she was.

On the occasion of his death, the actor has shared an emotional text on social networks where he has said his last goodbye. “Saying goodbye to you has not been easy, I have been preparing myself for more than 10 years And until we spent those 100+ days together during the pandemic, I didn’t really feel like I was ready to let you go,” he explained.

“I am sorry if I have been somewhat selfish by not being able to let go of you before and I thank you for your tireless effort not to fire you until I was ready like this last time,” he pointed out, explaining that During the last months he has been preparing with therapists and trainers to be able to go through the duel of the loss that the death of his grandmother supposes for him, and that is that she had become the great pillar of his life.

Although he has not communicated the reason for his death, Miguel Ángel has made it clear that the health of ‘La Tata’ had suffered at 98 years of age, which had pushed him to make these formations due to the fear he had of losing her. A health problem that had worsened in the last 15 days that she was admitted to the Palliative Care Unit of the Fuenfría Hospital.

The publication has achieved thousands of support in a few hours and messages such as that of Félix Gómez, India Martínez, Chenoa and Diana Navarro have been of great support for the actor who is going through very hard times. “What a beautiful end of life you gave him! You are an incredible man 🙌 Rest in peace! Thank you TATA and Miguel for every smile and every minute of accompaniment”, Paula Vázquez wrote to him. A message that we joined from TEN MINUTES.

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