“In theater is where you show that you are an actor”

Jaime Nava left his career as an elite athlete and wanted to be an actor. The man from Madrid is making a name for himself, although he admits that it is difficult, like everything in life. But if we look at his still small resume, he has been lucky enough to work on projects as interesting and successful as ‘La unidad’ and ‘La casa de papel’. But on television we have also seen him in ‘MasterChef’ or in the latest edition of ‘Survivors’. In this last contest, he did what has cost him the most in his life, which was to separate from his little girl when he was only seven months old. He has the unconditional support of his partner, Laura, in this new journey of his life, after rugby.

You want to make a career as an actor, has it hurt you to go to ‘Survivors’?
I hope it doesn’t hurt me because I know who I am and the image I project and what I’ve been to that program.

The actor wears a Hackett linen T-shirt, €75; and Mango pants, €39.99.
Beatriz Velasco HEARST

But the world of interpretation is a bit his own and closed.
I understand what you mean. The world of television and fiction are increasingly going hand in hand and there is a lot of versatility. Years ago I was quite prejudiced about participating in a program like ‘Survivors’. In fact, they had already offered it to me, apart from the fact that at that time I couldn’t, I have always thought that the facet of survival and living the experience appealed to me, but I had prejudices with the images I saw, where they argued about anything. In the end, I have removed those prejudices. I do not regret. In addition, I have given a real version of me.

In addition, you have your side as an athlete.

Do you take friends?
Making real friends on TV is hard, but I do take friends with me.

None, because it is absurd to think that you have enemies for having spent a few weeks in a complicated context such as ‘Survivors’.

Former Survivor contestant Jaime Nava talks about his acting career

You come from the world of sports, have you had to demonstrate more as an actor?
I am in the demo phase because I think I have not demonstrated anything.

Don’t you consider yourself an actor?
Yes, and also an actor since childhood. I am starting and I have been lucky enough to participate in three incredible projects and how to make the best Master of Performing Arts or Production. I still have a lot to prove.

What do you think when those projects come to you?
I am not afraid, I take it as an opportunity to start off on the right foot in my acting career and with a lot of responsibility.

Is it worse at the moment of jumping onto the field of play or when standing in front of a camera?
They are very different fears. It is a similar respect and you feel the same butterflies.

Do you miss your sports career?
I miss the adrenaline that professional sport provides and experiencing the preparation processes for important matches. Also live them with people with whom you have a great connection and affection. Of course, I don’t miss the injuries.

Former Survivor contestant Jaime Nava talks about his acting career

Almudena Cid is also making a name for herself in the world of acting, did you ask her for advice?
We don’t know each other, but we have friends in common, and we always want to hang out. I follow his career. Surely we both have the same desire to grow in front of the cameras and at an interpretive level.

She is doing theater, is it one of your little thorns?
Yes, I’m dying to do theater. It is said that it is where it is shown that you are an actor. I’m not afraid of him. You have to do theater, because she is the mother.

There are many like Penelope Cruz who have never done it.
Yes, like Javier Bardem. They say it’s because they are terrified of tables. I consider that the theater is the mother, it is where the dramaturgy begins. At the moment, I have only done micro-theater. I have been lucky that my parents took me to the theater every week.

Former Survivor contestant Jaime Nava talks about his acting career

The actor wears a COS T-shirt, €19; Mango pants, €39.99 and DUUO Shoes, €105.
Beatriz Velasco HEARST

And when you tell them, when you’re older, that you’re going to be an actor?
That didn’t happen. They had already called me from ‘MasterChef’ and I decided with my representative to start training at an acting school. And I told my parents. When they gave me the opportunity in ‘La unidad’ they were very happy.

They freaked out, especially my mother. I think she would have been a great actress. She is a frustrated actress.

Was it harder for you to tell them you were going to be a rugby player?
Could be. They are different stages. I told him one thing when I was almost twenty years old and the other when I was almost 36. I am the youngest of five siblings and I have always done a little of what I wanted.

We’re talking about your parents, but when do you tell your partner that you want to be an actor? Because there are times when offers do not arrive.
It is a very complicated race and she supports me and does not interfere. She knows that this is my passion.

By the way, was it difficult for you to separate from your daughter in ‘Survivors’?
It has been the hardest. My daughter arrived as a godsend a year ago. Separating yourself from a seven-month-old baby is not easy at all because it is a period in which the baby evolves every day. I’ve missed three months of her life. It has been difficult.

Former Survivor contestant Jaime Nava talks about his acting career

The contestant of ‘survivors 2023’ wears a jersey of

Beatriz Velasco HEARST

You have worked on international series such as ‘La casa de papel’, would you accept proposals outside of Spain?
They have not reached me, but I would accept them. I have no problems with English or French.

Would you have left ‘Survivors’ for a role?
No, because when you make a decision you have to go all the way.

The role of your life?
Don’t know. I think a villain, but the important thing is to work and that’s what I’m trying to do. Before success comes to you, you have to live the profession.

You take great care of yourself, would you accept a role in which you had to gain weight?
I would do it because you put yourself in the hands of professionals who control you, but of course I would think about it. For art, maybe I would.

Appointment with Jaime Nava at the Hotel Montera

hotel montera where the interview with jaime nava took place for ten minutes

Beatriz Velasco HEARST

We meet Jaime at the recently opened Hotel Montera Madrid, which is in the center of the capital. A hotel that has taken care of every last detail in its rooms, which offer unbeatable views. The same goes for its terrace with a pool on its roof, where you can enjoy a wide range of cocktails and fun at the hands of the legendary Chicote.

Jaime Nava’s beauty secrets, revealed

Former Survivor contestant Jaime Nava talks about his acting career

Beatriz Velasco HEARST

My perfume… Hugo Boss.

My ideal beauty product… A good moisturizer.

In my bathroom there are always… scented sticks

I am going to the hairdressing salon… Each month.

Before going to bed… I fall asleep on the sofa.

Diet… I try to eat a balanced diet, but I eat everything. Now I’m doing the fast, because I want to control the anxiety to eat after coming from ‘Survivors’.

Beauty treatments… I have to admit that I am beginning to discover them.

In my travel bag I always carry… gel.

In my closet bottom… Some shorts and t-shirts.

Jaime Nava with the Ten Minutes team

Former Survivor contestant Jaime Nava talks about his acting career

Beatriz Velasco HEARST

Text: Daniel I. Carande. Photos: Beatriz Velasco. Styling: Maria Polished. Makeup and hairdressing: Javier Reyes for Topicrem and BeauTerra. Thanks: Hotel Montera Madrid, Curio Collection by Hilton. Calle de la Montera, 47. Telephone: 919 049 662.