Russians are urged to urgently change passwords on social networks

Russians are urged to urgently change passwords on social networks

Artem Sheikin, deputy head of the Federation Council’s Council for the Development of the Digital Economy, said that due to the large number of personal data leaks, Russians should change their passwords for social networks as soon as possible.

The senator noted that in this situation it is necessary not only to change passwords, but also to make them different for different resources. At the same time, when creating new passwords, you should not take single words or short combinations (for example, your date of birth). Shakin recommended using at least 12 characters, using upper and lower case letters, adding special characters, and avoiding consecutive numbers.

He pointed out that many companies are “light” with the personal information of users, since the billing sanction law for leaks has not yet been enacted. According to him, it is likely that due to leaks, passwords could be in the public domain and used by attackers to hack into other accounts and services.

According to Sheikin, scammers, having gained access to the food ordering service, can get a username and password, for example, for personal mail, and then for banking programs, and for government services and other services with important personal data.

Vera Sergeeva.