Carmen Borrego breaks into ‘Fiesta’ to support Alejandra Rubio: “I think it’s ugly”

The telenovela de las Campos continues with one more chapter. The relationship between Carmen Borrego, Alejandra Rubio and Terelu Campos is stormy again, or at least that is what they pointed out this Saturday from ‘Fiesta’, and that is that it was pointed out that Alejandra had made some statements against her cousin José María, son of Carmen Borrego, accusing him of being the darling of the family: “Things have always been forgiven him. If everything was known, more things would be understood.” A few words to which Alejandra herself reacted on the set, categorically denying those statements, although she confessed that her relationship with her aunt Carmen had indeed changed in recent months as a result of the situation that had occurred between them.


“Right now the situation is not the same because the relationship with his mother is not the same, but I have spoken with him right now,” he explained before the accusations of the collaborators.I have written to him because I do not pass through lies. If I have to say something I say it, I am honest both in front of and in private. He has obviously told me not to worry and that he knows how these things are. It was by message”. A few words after which Mónika Vergara continued to maintain that Alejandra had spoken ill of her cousin with her in front of her.

The collaborator assured that the daughter of Terelu Campos had explained the reasons why the family got along so badly, something that Alejandra completely denied: “You have no idea what’s going on in my family because I haven’t explained it to you or anyone here.” And it is that the young woman pointed out that “as much as you want to show that I am stupid, I am not. I have been here for many years and I know how this works.” “Using a lie to have a chair here is very ugly. What a shame to have colleagues like that, it’s that you’ve made a movie because I didn’t call him capricious, or spoiled, or that he’s the favorite. I’ve only said that his relationship with his mother has gone through difficult times and that Jose had a very rebellious stage and that’s it. It was a private conversation so that everyone is clear. “

After this, Carmen Borrego did not hesitate to call to break a spear in favor of her niece. “I’m just calling to support Alejandra, to say that Both my sister and Alejandra have supported me to the death in the most difficult moments of my life. I’m very grateful. If my niece has a comment from her cousin, outside the program, it is her absolute right. We can all talk about our family.” She even emphasized that “everything she has to say to her cousin has already been done.”

“It seems to me very ugly on the part of Mónika, who is quite a friend of mine, that he did this to my niece. A comment between colleagues should never be used live ”, Carmen told him.


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