The issuance of IT development grants has been suspended until the fall.

IT Development Grant Award Suspended Until Fall

The Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media announced the suspension of the issuance of new grants for developments in the field of IT and also announced its intention to conduct an independent assessment of the competencies of employees of the Russian Foundation for the Development of Information Technology (RFRIT).

The ministry’s statement indicates that during the pause for the issuance of new grants (which will last until September 1), the composition of the decision-making bodies and the group of experts involved in the evaluation of incoming applications will be updated. The Ministry of Digital Development will also optimize the decision-making processes on the issuance of grants in order to absolutely exclude the influence of ministry employees on this, to ensure transparency and publicity of all stages of launch and implementation of such projects.

There will also be an audit of the competencies of the employees of RFRIT, which is the main operator for the granting of subsidies. In addition, they will check the decisions already made on the issuance of grants in 2022-2023 and highlight projects about which there are doubts about 100% purity.

Vera Sergeeva.