Sebastián Yatra takes Aitana to Colombia, his homeland

Sebastián Yatra and Aitana Ocaña have decided to escape the heat of Madrid to immerse themselves in the coolness of Medellín, the native land of the Colombian artist. After their respective concerts in Spain, the couple has decided to cross the pond so that the Catalan knows the land of her boyfriend. The place where he was born, but did not grow up, since due to the crime problems of the 90s in Colombia, his family decided to flee to Miami, where Sebastian grew up.

But he has his roots there and what better than the Independence festivities to visit this beautiful place. A land we got to know thanks to the famous telenovela ‘Café con aroma de mujer’ and through the coffee plantations of Medellín we have seen the judges of ‘La Voz’. Sebastián Yatra and Aitana were photographed with Santiago ‘el cafetero’, a famous coffee grower in the area.

Although it seems that it was at the end of 2022 when they decided to go from a beautiful friendship to love. Their story began in 2017 when Sebastian saw Aitana for the first time in ‘Operación Triunfo’. From that year to 2022 both have had different relationships, he was with Tini and she with Miguel Bernardeau. But they couldn’t help but end up together and form a spectacular couple that exudes talent and empathy in equal parts.

After a good season traveling through Spain, Aitana has to meet the artist’s entire Colombian family. And it is that, before heading to Colombia, they spent a few days enjoying the Costa Brava.

There the interpreter of ‘Vagabundo’ dedicated a love song to his girl who was in the audience at the concert. And after the concert they enjoyed a few days in Aitana’s birthplace. Although it is true that Aitana’s parents adore Sebastian.

In fact, in May we saw the Colombian artist with his “father-in-law” Cosme enjoying tennis in Madrid. Now it will be Aitana, which will cost her little, who will have to earn the affection of Sebastián Yatra’s parents and the rest of his family.

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