Rodri Fuertes reveals what his current relationship with Adara Molinero is like

Rodri Fuertes has undoubtedly been the best known and strongest partner of Adara Molinero. The one who was a Big Brother contestant has lived through various ups and downs, breakups and reconciliations that have taken place over the years but it seems that they have remained as part of the past. At least that’s how Adara herself confirmed it during her stay in Honduras, being completely honest. I have loved him very much, I love him very much, he is a person I will love forever. But what I felt for him was addiction, it was like a drug,” he confessed to his companions.

Now it has been Rodri Fuertes who, after having expressed his opinion on these words of his ex, has revealed his part of the story and has effectively confirmed that, after their breakup, they continued to maintain contact: “We have had a relationship of ups and downs but in the last stretch we were friends,” he sentenced for Socialié at the Barbie premiere where he went with his girlfriend, Marta Castro, confirming their relationship.

A relationship that Adara does not seem to know because, although she confessed to her colleagues that she hoped her relationship with him would be cordial when she returned from Honduras, the continuous trips and escapades with her boy, Bosco, have barely left her time to see her friends again, including Rodri. “Right now we have no deal,” the former Big Brother confessed.

Of course, Rodri is aware that his ex is traveling hand in hand with Bosco, winner of Survivors 2023, and that formally they are already dating, something about which he has commented on the Socialité microphones without giving it the greatest importance: “They will like each other, they will be getting to know each other, and that’s it.” And it is that now the former GH is very happy in the incipient relationship that he lives with the influencer. “Everything comes. Rodri is charming. I am at a moment in my life when I needed a lot of peace and tranquility; he gives it to me. We are getting to know each other and I hope everything goes well,” Marta herself has confessed about the relationship.

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