Jessica Bueno and Pablo Marqués are Barbie and Ken in their first summer together

Jessica Bueno and Pablo Marqués are in the sweetest moment. The couple is enjoying the start of their relationship and their first summer vacation together, which they have decided to take on the beach to make the most of each day with a group of friends. A few days of tranquility and mental disconnection, not from networks, and it is that Jota Peleteiro’s ex has taken advantage of every moment to be able to show off her love with her partner in each of the corners.

The couple has shared a multitude of selfies and photographs in which they can be seen enjoying every moment on the beach alone and in the company of not only their friends but also their daughters and it is that the model has also gone on vacation with them.


In the last selfie, Pablo has sent a very sweet message to his girl describing him as “My Barbie” on the occasion of the premiere of the movie of the doll, something that she has quickly answered: “Oh, my precious”. In addition, the model has shared that they have made several visits, on this occasion, she has known the Carboneras Lighthouse in Almería of which she has shared several images.

After her complicated divorce process from Jota Peleteiro, Jessica Bueno has recovered her smile with the businessman, a relationship that was criticized from the moment it came to light by Jota himself, although neither of them has given rise to criticism. Far from it, they have given free rein to their relationship and everything seems to indicate that it is going from strength to strength and that they will surely enjoy different experiences, be it romantic getaways like the one they did to Menorca or Bilbao.


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