Fran Rivera and the emotional message to her mother, Carmen Ordoñez, on the anniversary of her death

Today is July 23 and this date has special relevance for the Rivera brothers: 19 years have passed since Carmen Ordoñez passed away. A sad anniversary that the children of the deceased have in mind every year and that, on this occasion, Fran Rivera has not hesitated to share with his followers through an emotional message on social networks. On this very important day, the extorero wanted to share a publication from his account, a tribute to the family, in which the figure of what was one of the most iconic figures of the 90s was remembered: “Impossible to forget someone who cannot be constantly remembered”They have written at the foot of a photograph in which she can be seen on the banks of the Guadalquivir river in 1992. Along with her an emotional message: “Is there a prettier one…?”.


Almost two decades go a long way and at this time, far from what happened in Ordoñez’s life, the relationship between the children of what was one of the protagonists of the tabloids is completely broken. This has been seen in recent months in which there has hardly been any contact between the brothers, So much so that Cayetano and Fran themselves confirmed that they were not related. The same is the case with Julián Contreras Jr, who has gone through a bad economic period after which he has suffered a new setback.

Lolita remembers Carmina Ordoñez

But Fran Rivera has not been the only one who has sent a message in memory of Carmina Ordoñez and it is that Lolita Flores has also taken advantage of this day to remember what was one of her great friends. “19 years without you, but always there in my heart, missing you Carmen,” the singer recalled.

The relationship between Carmina and Lolita were very close for yearsAlthough it was not until last year that the singer was able to forgive herself for not having helped her when Carmina asked her for help in life for the mistreatment she suffered. Carmina left forever at the age of 49 after an overdose of drugs that caused cardiorespiratory failure.


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