woman called “cool” and “unexpected” meeting with Putin | Society

Tatyana, a resident of Kronstadt, who, together with her son, took a photo with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, said that the meeting with the president was a pleasant surprise for her.

According to Tatyana, she was walking with her son in the city center, and when she ended up at the Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt, Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko came out to the people.

“It was unexpected, it was cool,” Podyom posts his words in his Telegram channel.

The woman also shared that meeting with the Russian leader delighted even her son. “It was her dream of hers,” she said.

According to a Kronstadt resident, she and her son told Putin that they loved him very much.

Earlier, the girl Fatima, who was photographed with the Russian leader during his visit to Dagestan, told how she managed to attract the president’s attention. She also said that she now dreams of meeting Putin again, but this time in the Kremlin.

Recall that Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko visited the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral on June 23, and then talked with people gathered on the square near the temple. Among the inhabitants of Kronstadt there were many who wanted to take pictures and talk with the heads of the two countries.