Isabel Preysler reappears after the wedding and tells how Tamara Falcó is living her honeymoon with Íñigo Onieva

Isabel Preysler, like the rest of the citizens, has exercised her right to vote. The queen of hearts did not want to miss the opportunity to vote in the 2023 general elections. Like the candidates for the presidency of the Government, there have been many celebrities who have been seen voting this Sunday at the polling stations or have shared it on their social networks.

Although, the most anticipated appearance was by Isabel Preysler, as it was her first public appearance after the wedding of her daughter, Tamara Falcó. After this expected event we had not seen the queen of hearts again. And she has done it wasting style, as usual.

Tamara, enjoying her honeymoon

Without any makeup, with a very ‘Barbiecore’ pink dress Isabel Preysler revealed how Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva are living their honeymoon. “They are very good, very good. Enjoying and happy”, he stated about how his daughter is experiencing this trip. Both are in Cape Town, from where they have shared romantic images before learning the tragic news of the death of their cousin Álvaro’s mother.

Despite the fact that the Marquise de Grinón wanted to return to Madrid to support her cousin in these difficult times, she finally decided to go ahead with her honeymoon. This is how Álvaro explained it, who in the end continued with his trip.

A hard knock

Isabel was also affected by the recent loss of her former sister-in-law, Marta Chávarri. “Poor things”, he pronounced when asked about the death. We assume that referring to Álvaro Falcó, Tamara’s cousin and Marta’s sisters. He also said that “yes”, which had been a blow to the family.

Of what the news of the return of his ex Mario Vargas Llosa with his wife Patricia has not been pronounced. The queen of hearts has preferred not to listen to the questions about the Nobel Prize.

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