Omar Sánchez explodes against Anabel Pantoja and reveals that he spoke to her while she was with Yulen Pereira

Omar Sánchez is “fed up” with Anabel Pantoja’s attitude and has decided to tell how Isabel Pantoja’s niece is making him feel since they signed the divorce. Although his last controversy occurred during their birthday, there are other things that have made the canary explode. The athlete has unburdened himself with Arabella Otero, the correspondent for ‘Fiesta’ in the Canary Islands.

In the conversation that they have had that lasted more than half an hour, he talks about the tricky attitude, that he is banned from many places, of economic amounts that she demands and that, according to him, are a lie, that he messes with his current partner (Marina Ruiz) and who belittles him.

Although, without a doubt, the strongest of all has been that Omar Sánchez has confessed to him that last summer he was still talking to Anabel Pantoja. When she had a supposedly idyllic relationship with Yulen Pereira, there was still communication between them.

Fed up with Anabel’s attitude

According to the journalist, Omar Sánchez is tired of Anabel Pantoja’s attitude. “Whenever she is in a restaurant or a local she appears.” POn the other hand, he vetoes the people who brought him joint advertising contracts and they don’t let them work with him.

Another of the issues that Anabel Pantoja’s ex-husband has brought to light is money that Isabel Pantoja’s niece left him when she opened her business and that she is now claiming. “She left him 4,000 euros and told him not to return it, but now he is demanding it”account in ‘Party’.

According to Iván Reboso, Omar Sánchez is fed up and he is not going to keep quiet about Anabel. “A war of epic dimensions is coming,” says the contributor to ‘Fiesta’.

Belittle Marina Ruiz

The current girlfriend of Omar Sánchez is also splashing this controversy. Apparently Anabel Pantoja is speaking ill of her with her common circle. “He says that she is worse than Anabel.”

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