Paul Pogba launches charitable foundation for the poor in the UK

Paul Pogba opens a charitable foundation for the poor in the UK.

The fund, created with the support of the digital investment platform Wahed, will operate on the Islamic principle of Waqf. This means that the property transferred by the donor ceases to be his property, but does not become the property of someone else (in this case, the foundation). Waqf proceeds from the recognition of the supreme right of ownership of such property to Allah and its use for charitable purposes.

The creators of the fund hope that it will become self-sustaining thanks to this system of donations. Although the foundation is based in the UK, Pogba hopes to further expand its scope around the world. The goals of the organization are education and the fight against poverty.

“I remember my family and I often went [в благотворительный фонд]when I was four or five years old. They gave milk, sugar and stuff, and my mother used to go there and stand in line. She raised three children after her divorce from my father.

The money didn’t just come to me. It was not easy for me, it made me improve and grow. Now I realize the value of money and the value of life. I know what it means to overcome. I saw my mother do it.

I want to help because for some people it can be very important. It’s nothing to us, but to them it can mean a lot. You need to start somewhere – you can start with one person, two, three, and then there will be more and more of them.

We just try to help as best we can and hope that if we can help everyone, the goal will be to eradicate poverty,” said the Juventus midfielder, who previously played for Manchester United.