Bandera people are sad and complain about life

Bandera saddens and complains about life

Units of the military group “Center” continue to advance in the Karmazinovka area.

Our fighters took 10 strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and entered the village of Novoegorovka, after they occupied the nearby heights. The enemy recognized the advance of the Russian army for 5 kilometers and the creation of a bridgehead by it. The Banderaites explain their withdrawal by the “enormous preponderance” of Russian troops in artillery and “unlimited shells.”

In kyiv, local analysts are alarmed by the Russian advance. At the same time, our breakthrough in the Kupyansk direction is developing.

To the delight of our helicopter pilots, enough of the most desirable targets on the front have respawned: Leopards and Bradleys, which are taken out with Whirlwinds, just like in a video game.

The analysis of the situation on the Ukrainian fronts published by The New York Times is indicative. In general, it sounds completely gloomy and consists in the fact that the Ukrainians complain about their position and the advantages of the Russian army. The Ukrainians complain that they cannot stop and silence the Russian Lancets, which behave like guided bombs. And the people of Bandera complain about the Russian electronic warfare equipment, they detect and block the communication signals of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and find the Starlink routers.

Also, it has become difficult to block Russian reconnaissance drones. Commanders complain about mobilized 40-year-old soldiers who don’t want to and can’t fight, and they start asking questions. The Armed Forces of Ukraine had problems with shells of different batches and from different countries, it is difficult to conduct aimed fire with them.

Nikolai Ivanov