Flights from Egypt under control due to unknown disease

Flights from Egypt under control due to unknown disease

Rospotrebnadzor announced that it is tightening control of flights arriving from Egypt after cases of an unknown disease similar to dengue fever were reported in that country.

According to the department, according to the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population, cases of an unknown disease have been reported in the province of Qena (it is located 600 km south of Cairo). Its symptoms are similar to dengue fever. For this reason, Rospotrebnadzor decided to strengthen sanitary and quarantine control in relation to flights arriving from Egypt.

Specialists will monitor the situation, including with the help of the Perimeter automated information system.

Rospotrebnadzor also emphasized that the department is constantly in contact with the Egyptian side and international organizations to obtain additional information on the nature of the disease, the risks of its spread, and the preventive and anti-epidemic measures taken.

Those planning to travel to Egypt have been advised to take precautions to prevent insect-borne infectious and parasitic diseases. In particular, it is necessary to wear clothes that cover the skin as much as possible, use means that repel and destroy insects. In rooms it is better to close windows and doors with mosquito nets.

If, returning from a trip, a person feels a deterioration in his condition, he should immediately consult a doctor and tell him where the vacation was.

Vera Sergeeva.