Alina Zagitova told how she treats the comments of haters on the Internet

Alina Zagitova told how she treats the comments of haters on the Internet.

You became a star quite early. They started talking about you already in the context of a rival, our main hope at the Olympic Games. It would seem that for two years there was an indisputable leader, then this young star appears, wins the European Championship. And since then, you constantly read some envious comments about yourself on the Internet. How do you even deal with it?

– I don’t like it when they say: here, you are a star. Even the language now does not turn to say. We are still people, we are the same as everyone visually. We have the same hands, the same legs. We are simply different in that we got into the type of activity in which we realized ourselves.

Just luck. This is also a lot of luck. You, like this – chik – were put by something, done, and this is how it happened.

But from what you’re saying, that’s not entirely true. Still have to work.

“Of course it is anyway. It’s just that I know many athletes who have worked very hard and bet their whole lives on this, but … just not lucky.

– So you never felt offended by the amount of feces that are poured on you on the Internet?

– There are moments when you just laugh – what kind of nonsense is that? At another point, misunderstanding why.

“You just do your job every day. And there is a man, a subhuman, who…

– Not subhuman. Just offended by something people, perhaps. Perhaps they are dissatisfied with something in themselves, some complexes. Maybe I just don’t like it visually.

I like Alexei Konstantinovich in this regard [Ягудин]who can afford everything, answer some comments.

In fact, it helps psychologically when you answer a person. You can already objectively say “why?” and sort it out.

I, as a person who loves to delve into himself, to figure out why a person behaves this way towards me – I want to ask all the time why? Come to me, ask or say something, and we will talk to you.

I am calm and open with everyone. You know all my schedules, where I go. Come on. But for some reason it hasn’t happened yet.

Because all the fear is in the pants. Well, I must explain that Alexei Yagudin is the 2002 Olympic champion, he is 42 years old, so, probably, he can answer different people, couch critics. And when you’re a little girl and you’re reading this…

No, I am no longer a little girl.

“But once you were a little girl.

– I just closed myself in, spoke very little, practically did not give interviews and did not communicate with anyone. I talked only with my grandmother, with coaches.

Have you ever cried because of hurtful comments?

– I want to say “no”, like a strong girl. But … yes, – said the figure skater in an interview with Maxim Trankov on Channel One.