Carmen Borrego opens the family album to remember one of its most unknown members

The family fields He is not exactly at his best moment, but between all of them they are trying to get by as best they can. After the end of ‘Sálvame’, and with the constant concern for the state of health of María Teresa Campos, Terelu and Carmen Borrego try to spend their day-to-day life with their sights set on the future, and now that the eldest of the Campos is in Miami recording the new installment of ‘Sálvame’ for Netflix, Carmen has stayed in Spain waiting for the matriarch of the familybut also with a pang in the heart, because A painful anniversary has come to this bad personal moment: the death of his father..

This weekend, Carmen has used her social networks to pay a small tribute to Jose Maria BorregoWhat are you doing now? 39 years from the fateful day on which he took his own lifeand visibly affected by her words, the young daughter of the radio director has opened up: “Dear dad, today you left us 39 years ago, I still miss you and love you as if it were yesterday. I love you”he wrote next to an old sepia image of his father, who allowed himself to be photographed wearing sunglasses.

Dear and criticized in equal parts, her followers this time have put hate aside in their comments to support her on this painful anniversary, especially his friend, partner and ex-brother-in-law Kike Callejtowho transferred his affection with some symbols of hearts. “They are always loved and missed. Always by our side”wrote a follower.

Carmen Borrego has also been on vacation

Despite the fact that the two sisters are very aware of their mother’s health every day, that does not mean that try to make your life and disconnect when you cann, and it is that they do not lack help to take care of María Teresa. That’s why these days ago Carmen has gone to Malaga for a week -together with her husband, José Carlos Bernal-, where, according to Semana magazine, she was seen to be very affected and even began to cryand it is that to the problems that it already has, we must add that the relationship with his son has been very strained for monthsalthough with the birth of his grandson, the waters could calm down a bit.

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