Ana María Aldón explodes, in ‘Fiesta’, after being accused of breaking up a marriage

The past always comes back and Ana María Aldón’s has come to revolutionize her sentimental life. The collaborator has found love again with Eladio, with whom she already shares photos on her social networks, and when everything seemed to flow smoothly, the name of one of his ex-partners, Juan Montiel, has returned to the present. It has been Antonio de la Puerta, a close friend of the banderillero with whom Ana María had a relationship -before meeting Ortega Cano- who she has spoken. A testimony in which he accuses her of having broken the marriage of her friend. After hearing the progress, Ana María was calm and stated: “We all have a past, but some with many lies, as I have heard there. The first, that I was not with him for four years. Then, there are many nuances that change and distort history. There are also truths, that I am human and I do not come from a saint”.

Juan Montiel talking about his relationship with Ana María Aldón, in July 2012.

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But everything changed, after hearing the testimony of the banderillero’s friend. “She’s a love interest. The relationships he has had have been looking for his popularity. She broke up Juan Montiel’s marriage, of the great master of the banderilleros. And it hurt Juan a lot that they left him to go with the teacher. He saw the teacher who was the one who gave her life, the one who could put her where he was and there he is, thanks to the teacher. She wanted to aspire to more, and through the teacher, she has already become the great, the diva, monopolizing all the covers of magazines, of television, she took advantage of the teacher to become a great designer, a great television collaborator. It gives me a lot of courage that you come by drinking from someone else’s source. If it doesn’t come to be because of this relationship with the teacher, who is it? Maybe this new couple will arrive, this anonymous boy from Madrid… Maybe she’s in love with him, but… The two relationships I’ve told you about have been out of interest”, said friend Juan Montiel on ‘Fiesta’.

ana maria aldon

Antonio de la Puerta, a friend of Juan Montiel, spoke this July 23, 2023 in ‘Fiesta’, accusing Ana María Aldón of breaking up his friend’s marriage.

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Ana Maria Aldoncategorically, he has asked for his camera and without hesitation he has defended himself against these serious accusations. “Who are you? How do you know me? At what point have you and I exchanged a word? I have not broken anyone’s marriage, if there is someone who has broken it, it was him 11 years ago. What do you want? What gives you courage, well fuck you, It is what it is. I only need that now with the strength that I have above you come, you are a total stranger to me and I to you, to speak. I’m just telling you that I feel sorry for you, I feel sorry for you, you’ve always felt sorry for me, but now even more. It is seen that over the years you are much more damaged than yours, “she said, visibly angry.


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