the controversial photos with which he shows the progress of his hormonal treatment

Since Camilo Blanes start his transition to woman and make it clear that wants to be called Sheila there have been many followers who have wanted to show their support on social networks, but every day he also receives dozens of most hurtful comments, both because of their state of health and because of their condition as a trans person. The young woman, despite all that hate, keep making your life and posting what you want on her Instagram account, where she is most active, but now He has published some photos, not without controversy, in which he is proud of his transition.

Since she started taking hormones a few months ago, Sheila has gone through a big physical change: already showed that little by little his chest began to growand now he has published a photo of his back where you can see how her hips begin to take on a more feminine shape. “Progress”, she wrote, proud of her changes and her new curves, which gradually emerge while wears more and more women’s clothing.

Despite her happiness, everyone around her is still very worried about her. His mother, Lourdes Ornelas, has commented on it on more than one occasion, and has even asked for help through Emma GarcĂ­a’s program, ‘Fiesta’, where she assured that is struggling to let go of addictionsbut his friendship environment is not making it easy for him.

Sheila confirms that her home has been robbed

The young woman doesn’t win for trouble, and it is that some of the people with whom she shared her day-to-day life have stolen from her, and Aurelio Manzano pointed out in ‘Fiesta’ that heThe amount stolen could be around 100,000 euros in his father’s belongings, although the amount was very difficult to calculate, because some were economically valuable things and others would have more sentimental value. She herself confirmed it to a follower who openly asked her on Instagram with a resounding “yes”, but she also clarified: “I have already kicked them out of my house”. Sheila, when she was still Camilo, reported a theft in 2019 of her father’s jewelry and watches, and she suffered another theft in 2021 while she was admitted to the hospital.

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