Accused in case of gas explosion in five-story building in Stupino pleads not guilty | Accidents

A man appeared before the court accused of a gas explosion in a five-story residential building in Stupino near Moscow. The defendant does not admit his guilt, reports the 360 ​​TV channel.

Investigators determined that the explosion in April 2022 was caused by a man who lived there, who intended to kill his wife and children in this way. As a result, six people died.

The defendant has declared that he does not consider himself involved in the crime. He added that he had no conflicts with his wife. He also explained that a month before the explosion he covered the hood with a towel, presumably during the cockroach persecution.

We recall that, according to the investigators, the defendant decided to kill his wife and children due to frequent family quarrels, disguising the crime as a domestic gas explosion in the apartment. Finally, a powerful explosion collapsed the entrance. Six people, including family members of the man, were killed. Four other residents of the house were seriously injured.